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Become a Laundry Soap Distributor/ Business Owner!

If you’re interested in earning money by working from home (starting your own business), consider becoming a “Laundry Soap Distributor @ Royel Corp WET”. You can set up your own online business in a few steps and can begin making money almost immediately. If you become one of our top distributors, you’ll definitely end up securing a significant stream of income that will provide you and your family with security.

A distributor has a partnership with a “Royel Corp WET – A laundry Soap Manufacturer” who provides the products, usually at wholesale prices. Your job is to sell our products. Of course, you’ll sell them at a higher price so you can earn a profit. In fact, the most challenging part of the process will be determining a good pricing point so you cover all of your expenses while earning a profit and staying affordable for your customers.

Before you get to that point and begin working from home in this capacity, you’ll have to contact us and set up an account. We always need reliable distributors. You’ll find “Royel Corp WET.” to be a reputable company who has been in this business for a long time. Our distribution prices will give you every opportunity for success.

Generally, you won’t have to do much to become a distributor. Just set up an account and start selling our products. At a minimum, you’ ll need to complete an application and provide basic information about yourself. By becoming a distributor you do need to purchase products upfront to sell; and or you may engage in drop shipping.

Drop shipping is a good option if you want to become one of the top distributors while working from home. With this method, you don’t keep any stock of your own (except perhaps a few samples). Instead, you send your orders to “Royel Corp WET” who handles all of the shipping for you. At Royel you can trust us to fulfill the orders for your customers in a timely fashion. If you’re planning to sell the product through your own web site or through an auction site, such as, drop shipping is a good option. However, it’s typically a good idea to order some of the products yourself so you can familiarize yourself with it. This will make it easier to sell it to customers.

Our Distributors started off just like you. Stay at home mom’s, Part Time dads, Unemployed people just like you taking action into their own hands and making a real profit. You can have a growing business and easily earn over $3,000 in under one hour.


We give you the opportunity of our distribution price:

900 – 5 Gallon pails of Alondra, Rhea, laundry soap (25 pallets – full truck load, weight 45,000 lbs), At 18.00 each! Delivered Price! (Total Cost: $16,200.00)

You Sell & Make Your Profit:

900 – 5 Gallon pails of Alondra, Rhea laundry soap (25 pallets – full truck load, weight 45,000 lbs), at 22.00 each! Delivered Price! (Total Cost: $ 19,800.00)

Your profit of sale: $3,600.00

The objective is to have your customer keep ordering from you on a regular bases and as long as you continue to gain to new customers you can easily make over 100,000.00 in profit a year at home.

Contact us today and get started!

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